++ wave imminent ++

++ wave imminent ++

sian, the Cursed Events team’s guest member (which one’s she? You know! Transhuman? No? Ambivalently gendered? No? Pretentiously lowercase? No? Writes in the third person? No idea? OK, the bald one? Oh, her) is super-excited about the stores we’ve confirmed for Futurewave so far. In reaching out to people she’s discovered a raft of amazing stuff – established brands with loyal followings, creators who are upping their game constantly, and small, perfectly formed colossally talented artisan makers who are forging their own path into tomorrow with originality and fun.

Obviously, no one’s unveiled their Futurewave specials yet – that’s in the future – but you should check out the stores we’ve announced  on our list, if only to giv you a flavour of how awesome this event is going to be. From the chrome bucket retro stylings of Qyxwerk, to Zibska‘s otherworldly couture jewellery to Contraption‘s off-kilter fantasies to BFI‘s confident futuristic roleplay equipment, we’ve got some real treats (and we haven’t even mentioned half of the cool stuff our merchants have in store? What about DRD? Unsung? Spyralle? Pin Me Down?)  There are yet more, and we haven’t even announced everyone yet.

++ wave imminent ++

Check out this amazing hypermodern boots/gloves/bodysuit combo currently at VRSION (there’s a men’s version of the outfit too). Or the whimsical cyberpunk futurism of geek‘s Heart for Tinman nightlight, screwed onto sian’s chest. The timeless ball chair, a classic design, comes courtesy of Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale’s sometimes funny, sometimes beautiful, always brilliant Bauwerk store. Rook supplied the poses.

Wait, did you catch a spoiler? Well, this is the future, and sian is stepping into it with wide eyes and a hopeful (cybernetic light-up) heart. Will you?

Merchant applications are still open.


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