Merchant list update time.

The Merchant List has been updated again.  Currently, we have five slots left to put up.  We are expecting to get everyone on the list within the next 72 hours. I’ll be sending out posters/invites/emails/things to the new list folks shortly. 

Thanks everyone, for your patience. Due to the nature of this event, building the list is much slower than usual.  Applications will remain open through the 31st. Once we fill up, we will move to the waiting list.  Please, do not hesitate to apply even if we’re full.  We have never run an event, ever, where we didn’t pull people from the waiting list. 

Anyone pulled from the waiting list *after* February 1 is exempt from the new item rule.  If you can swing it, fine, and if not, it’s entirely understandable.

Thanks again, gang.


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