We have entered… The Waiting List.

There’s a  new merchant list update.

With this update we are FULL for Futurewave 2014.  HOWEVER.  Applications will be open through the 31st. Why? Because we need waiting list people.  We have never done an event (ever, in the history of ever) where we’ve not had to lean on the waiting list- often quite hard. So please do apply. If you are on the waiting list, the “new item” requirement is waived, for obvious reasons.

For those who applied and didn’t get in- in almost all cases it had to do with matters of theme. If your whole shop is rather strictly *nowhere near* what we’re after,  it’s not that we don’t think you’re CAPABLE of doing something in theme- it’s just that your time would be better served actually making something that would appeal to your normal customer base.  If someone buys stuff and then goes to your shop and is disappointed because nothing else is even remotely like what they bought, there’s no real win for you. It’s just a lot of pressure for no good reason.

We also know that people do multiple events at once, and truly, we’d rather you do the events that will give you the most benefit.  We don’t love you any less, AND WORLD GOTH FAIR APPLICATIONS OPEN APRIL 1. HINT. HINT.

That all said (seriously, I always feel badly when I think people might invent motivations that weren’t there.), let’s get started. We have a future to build, after all.


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