Building has begun.



And so it begins.

Now that it’s February, Lokii has trundled on upstairs to begin work on the build.  It will be ready at some point between February 8 and 10 for merchants to load in, but basic infrastructure and booths are in place.  We just need to decorate around them now, and we’re hard at work tossing ideas back and forth.  Also, there’s a lot of swearing involved, but that’s normal.  If you’re a merchant, and haven’t sent your logo (full perm, 512×512 sq.) to Lokii Violet yet, please do so asap- the faster she gets them the faster booth assignments get done, and the faster we get a map in place. We NEED the logos no later than February 9.

Blogger applications are open until February 10, by the way.  If you’re already in the group and want to blog this event, please fill out an application anyway- we’ll take you if you’re already there, but Sonya needs to know who is staying in the group for this event and who isn’t before then.

If anyone needs to drop out of the event for any reason, that’s totally okay- but please *tell us* so we can plan around that.

13 days to go before the Digital Revolution.


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