Blogger Applications Are Closed

Do virtual trees bloom pixels?

It’s that time of the event cycle again: blogger applications have been closed and the blogger list finalized. The bloggers are free to run about the event area already, take pictures and get into the appropriately futuristic mindset. Check the notices for landmark and other info if SL tried to be sneaky and didn’t tell you there’s new group notices.

We received an astonishing amount of applications for an event that is just starting out and taking its first hover-bootsed steps toward the jetpacks of success. So much so that I felt the need to clarify that Cursed Events has already a loyal group of core bloggers that have been with us through several events and that we respect and cherish dearly. Therefore the new spots are always much less in number than one might assume and although we appreciate every application, we do also have very limited spots available. Regardless whether you got a spot or not, we thank you for being interested and welcome you to the event when it opens: being in a group was never any requirement for enjoying an event!

Reformat your inner hard drives, ladies and gentle-droids, the future is almost here!


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