Merchants Guide to Bloggers

Future Wave {Sneak Peeks} by Gia Nikai Juliesse

Also known as: “So there’s bloggers involved with the event, what do I do with them?”

First of all, you do not have to give out review copies unless you want to. This should be a no-brainer, it’s your business, after all. No obligation or expectation whatsoever. You are also free to use just your own bloggers, if you so wish.

However, if you do wish to give out review copies to the event bloggers, read on!

We have an official blogger list here in case you want to make more individual picks, but most commonly people either send the blogger box through the group notices or box it up in their booth with a group-only-give script. The said script and instructions how to use it can be found in the group notices in a notecard called Merchants Guide to Bloggers.

As for what to put in the said blog box: anything you want! Commonly it’s the event releases or at least a sample of them. Some creators give out full fatpacks, some only a few colours and some don’t give out any review copies at all and all of that is perfectly fine. Your business, your choices.

All that being said, the optional nature of blogging this event is a two way street. You aren’t required to provide review copies, and no blogger is required to blog everything they get.

All we ask is everyone be respectful to everyone else.


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