12 Hours to Liftoff.

I love this photo. It reminds me of many I’ve taken myself of the Empire State Building, peeking from between buildings on the west side. ❤

So, Futurewave opens in 12 hours.  Right now, Im sitting on the deck of the Gothika Mobile Unit, enjoying the last few hours of Nightbreed Radio until I switch over to EBM radio for the week.   The merchants are about 2/3 loaded in.   I would panic over this, but years of experience tell me that there’s no minute like the last one, so I expect people to pop in during the wee hours of the night and begin loading in.

That said, if you’re going to be late, for the love of goth, TELL ME.

The sim looks beautiful.  All events held on Cursed are built by Lokii Violet (WGF can have multiple builders, but Lokii always builds Cursed.) Every time I hand her a crudely drawn sketch of a layout, or even more importantly, the many times I *don’t* and she’s entirely on her own, she always manages to create something wonderful out of nothing. Goodness knows I couldn’t do it (and OMG so don’t want to.)

The flood of review copies has begun flowing through the group and blogger boxes are appearing in booths like little futuristic flowers. Just, looking like boxes. That metaphor is going nowhere… But I await the results of Team Bunny (as I refer to the blogging team in my head.)

As I’ve wandered around looking for darkened vendors (fullbright those things, people.), I’ve seen a variety of products from retro to antique to strictly futuristic. I’ve noted things I’d very much like to see more of, too.  But every event is a learning experience, and this one has been no exception.  Tomorrow, the door to the future will open and we’ll welcome everyone to come check it out with us.

Huge thanks go to everyone who worked so hard at getting this thing together. Eventing ain’t easy, folks. Not on anyone. It’s not about the org team- we just make the playground(though Im gonna repeat my undying gratitude to Pottamus.). It’s about the people who fill it, and those who come to play in it. Thank you.

(But really guys, if youre gonna be late setting up, TELL ME.)

See you at noon.



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