Blogger Challenge: Flavor of Future

Enforcer, by ~Lainey~

What is your favourite flavor of future? Is it a post-apocalyptic struggle, a cybernetic perfection, robotic utopia, a space adventure, a retro return to our roots in new fashion, cyber gothic circuitry, an alien gathering… there are more assumed possibilities than I can list!

The challenge is simple: show us! If you have several favourites, pick one or show them all! We want to see your futuristic forms whether they are alien, android or human!

Leave a comment here with a link to your blog post or flickr pictures, so everyone can easily access and admire them. Remember also that there’s a flickr pool for all the things available in Futurewave.

You don’t have to be an official blogger or even a blogger at all to participate in the challenge: if you want to share your own favourite futuristic character with us, go right ahead!




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  2. For me, the trappings of the sci-fi are secondary to its subtext. It has to be *about* something. It has to be prophetic, and not necessarily in the sense of predicting the future, so much as in its older, more complete sense of warning and proclamation of things wrong. The greatest dystopias speak of the present. Neuromancer was about the shallowness and bleakness that characterised the 80s (few people catch the pun on “New Romancer” now); 1984 was written about 1948; Dune is about religious fundamentalism as a political force.

    When i write, often my characters are commoditized by corporatist forces out of their control. So today i did this post where a character is deprived of something precious and made into what is in effect an ornament. Too often these images we’re bombarded with are missing warmth, affection. Missing love.

    Although mainly it was a vehicle for pretty pictures of stuff from the event 🙂

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