Notes from Mission Control : Day Two.

Futurewave, by Duchess Flux


Day two was a bit more sane, thankfully, than day one.  I logged in briefly to find 46 people on sim, which is lovely, but not crowded enough to cause any real problems.  Spoke to several merchants about 13 hours after opening, and made sure all was well.  Now that the initial rush is over, the event largely is moving under its own steam, so the org team finally were able to do things like sleep.  And laundry.  And for me at least, finish knitting a hat.  So some semblance of normalcy began to come back.

This is actually my favorite part of an event. It’s when it’s mostly just doing its own thing, and becoming whatever it’s going to be on its own. I just sit back at mission control and analyze data.  Admittedly, I analyze a LOT of data, but it’s quiet work without a lot of social pressure.

Now the focus is on the merchants and the bloggers, with the occasional break for the musical portions of our show, as it were.  Sonya has put out a blogger challenge open to everyone who wants to join in. You don’t have to be one of our official bloggers to participate, and we invite anyone who wants to join to come and do it. I’m sure the results will be great, and we’re all looking forward to seeing them.

Last night, Gothika did its first set of the week.  Pie had forgotten (HOW, I am not entirely sure, because the poster was behind him for over a month…) we were going to be upstairs, so he had planned a goth set, that quickly morphed into something more electronic when he realized oops.  Event on.  But a bunch of us came upstairs to hang out and a good time was had by all.  I am sure he will bring along far more bleepery on Tuesday night.

Tonight though, the Freakkiteh herself Ms. Lokii Violet will be at the Gothika Mobile Unit at 8 , playing a mixure of stompy and bleepy things.  I have the decks right after her at 10, for my usual Monday night round of synthpop, futurepop, cybergoth, and dark electro.  Come on by and hang out.

Mission control, signing off til tomorrow.



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