Report from Mission Control – Day 3.

Untitled, by Shadow Rothmanay

The work week dawned, like some kind of fantastic space simile , that if I were actually a writer (and I’m not) I could come up with.  Invent your favorite and insert it there.  It will doubtlessly be better than whatever I would invent.

Traffic is still steady and strong at Futurewave on day three, which is lovely.  I like short events, and I think that for a non-charity event one week is a perfect time frame for something like this.   Bloggers continue to add photo after photo to our flickr pool, and several folks have started taking up Sonya’s blogger challenge (which you’re all welcome to get in on, I might add.)  As always, I’ve received many compliments from the merchants on the efforts of Team Bunny.  The blogging crew kick ass for every event we do and this is no exception.

Last night also continued our usual schedule at the Gothika Mobile Unit, and from all accounts some hilarity was had during Lokii’s set.  I did my set straight after that, and we had a nice group of people in wacky outfits and avatars hanging out and chatting. Much bleepery.  So futurepop.

Today, we have Sian Pearl’s Futurewave Dance party at 12:30, and Tuesday Pie at 8pm.

Mission control, signing out.



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