Report from Mission Control – Day 4.

FutureWave 1, by Devin Vaughn

Team Bunny reporting in, rambling process is a go. I repeat, rambling process begins in three… two… one… !

We’re still firmly in the future, squeeing over shiny things, flying around in space with newly acquired jetpacks, exploring new characters with brand new cyber visors… or to nutshell all of that: having fun.

As I’m writing this there’s happiness occurring in the group chat: happiness about the theme, about the items, about how inspiring they have been, how much bloggers have enjoyed making looks and stories with them, how much the creators have enjoyed seeing these results. To me that is exactly how it should be: creators inspiring bloggers with their work, bloggers catching their interpretation in pictures and words and creators feeling happy about the result. It should flow in a cycle of imagination, inspiration and respect.

This also reminded me of one of those openly admitted blogger-biases I have. One of the secret ingredients in Bunny Point System. I love pictures that promise a story, showcase a character, catch a moment in an adventure, in life. I especially love it when the bloggers take that next step further and add their words to the picture, tell us what they imagined, who the character is, what is happening, conjure up a story: just a glimpse to the thoughts or a shortstory, doesn’t matter.

Futurewave has been a rain of those Bunny Points all around, I assure you. Don’t believe me? Just go look at our Flickr Pool. Prepare to have your jaw hit the floor.

Once you pick it up again by evening you can teleport back to Futurewave and enjoy the music and inspirational and absolutely completely sane company. (Honest.)

Future is worth celebrating!

Wednesday 2/19:
8-10pm SLT – Lokii Violet (Wednesday Night Spiral)
10pm-midnight – Bronxelf (The Wednesday Night Darkwave)


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