Notes from Mission Control – Day 5.

Space Oddity1, by Isabelli Anatine


We’re now at the point in the event where there’s so many good photos in the Flickr photo pool I despair of ever having the time to showcase them all. Which is why you really should go look.

Thanks to Sonya for doing yesterday’s mission control report. I needed to be unconscious for a while.  ❤

So we’re now halfway through the first Futurewave, zooming along in space.  Unsung has some new stuff in their booth. It’s right near the landing point.  He’s got some brand new armor in there that space adventurers will surely want to go and check out.   When I was last on the sim (around midnight SLT) there were 27 people there, so it’s still pretty busy, all things considered.

The data team (that’s Nephi and me, really) are already starting to eye the numbers and analyze info in order to refine things for future events. Or events in the future. Or whatever.  (See, this is why no one should let me blog, folks.  ) But ultimately, as I’ve said before – eventing ain’t easy. Sometimes you just don’t know what parts will come strong and which ones will need reinforcing until it happens.  It’s sort of a variant of “no battle plan survives contact with the enemy” only with more bleeping and fancy lighting.

Rockit-1, by Caitlin Tobias


What’s been very interesting to me, as someone who is a bit removed from sci-fi in SL and *completely* removed from roleplay anywhere, is how varied the folks are who not only are selling at the event, but are coming to check it out as well. I appreciate that we have stuff that appeals to nonhuman avatars (since goodness knows there are an awful lot of them, and in space, does it matter?) I love that there are robots and androids.  I think it’s cool that people have futuristic clothing, as well as space gear.  I love that we have furniture (omg have you seen that tree outside of Bauwerk? Go see the tree, it’s freaking awesome.)   Of course I love all the cybergoth stuff but that’s a given.  The point is there’s a very wide range.  That’s not easy to do, to be honest.  It’s harder than you think. You can really only go with the applications you have, and SL tends to skew very often toward clothing for human women,to the exclusion of others.  I’m not seeing that at this event, and I think that’s a real plus.

That said, we’re also seeing things we need to change, and that’s good too.  We’d be *really confused* if we didn’t see that, to be honest, as no event comes out of the box with no issues to be addressed.

One of the things we’d like to do, and this came up at GxG also, was create a group for shoppers and gacha traders.  Honestly, we’d really love to do it, especially in light of the people shouting across the sim looking for trades(ahem.). That one, though isn’t really something we can fix until Linden Lab fixes group options and creates better group tools, because we just don’t have the manpower to babysit a group like that (and frankly, we shouldn’t have to.) We’re told the Lab is working on better group tools and you can be sure that once they exist, we will create such a group, and people can trade their gacha prizes to their hearts’ content.


Where does this light come from?, by Ely Hynes


That said, we move on to a new day at Futurewave, one that has two sets at the Gothika Mobile Unit:

2-4pm PT: Cruel Britannia (Gothika After Hours)

10pm- midnight PT: Bronxelf (The Thursday Night Apocalypse)

see you upstairs… in the future.



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