Notes from Mission Control – Day Six.

Surveillance, by GiaNikai


So we’re headed into our last weekend at this year’s Futurewave. We’ll be open until midnight Pacific time on Sunday, February 23.  Plenty of time left to come up and have a look around.


When we hit this part of the event, the org team is usually split between brainstorming future ideas, and already getting our heads going for the next event in the queue (which,by the way is World Goth Fair– applications open April 1.)  I think at this point we’re pretty firm on keeping the time frame for this one the same as it is now, and the time of year is fortunate, since we can’t really move it anywhere else (this was really the only time we *could* do it.)   But we’re tossing some ideas back and forth as to other stuff to see what might work.  Data analysis has begun (Neph and I will be at that for weeks.)

Mind of a Toy, by Jordy Zipdash


Because this event was thematically different from our usual, we got a lot of new people in our merchant group.  But for some there’s potential for crossover(like there was at this event, just in the other direction), and we really hope that those that do have that overlap will consider joining us for WGF.

Gothika is closed on Saturday (strange as it sounds, it’s never been a good SL club night, as people are generally busy doing weekend things in RL) but Pie will be on the decks at the Gothika Mobile Unit on Sunday night at 8 Pacific time.





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