Notes from Mission Control- Over and Out.

Space and Time, by Alisa Perne

And so, this year’s great experiment draws to a close.  I’ve closed sim access and restarted it. Futurewave 2014 has now ended.

Hope, a Meme for Berry, by Caitlin Tobias

I’d like to gratefully thank everyone who came down to visit with us and spend the week in the future. We are humbled by your support; we truly did not expect it to be this much.  Thank you so much.

Also, to all the merchants who tossed in on a first year event, and busted ass to create great stuff for people to come buy. I know all too well how risky an event can be the first time out, and the org team genuinely appreciate your willingness to participate.  We didn’t know how it would work out any more than you did, so we appreciate your taking the risk of your time and effort for us.

Futurewave: Cytus, by Aarya Phantomhive

Thank to Sian Pearl for being a guest on the org team for this opening endeavor.  They worked extremely hard to get this event off the ground. Thank you very much for speaking to so many people on behalf of the event.

Welcome to the Future, by Xantheanne

Thanks to Sonya for always choosing great bloggers and to our OMGWTGBBQ outstanding blogging team.  We have a group of fantastic bloggers who come back to work with us again and again.  There’s just no way for us to highlight all the amazing photos in our flickr pool, so please go look at them yourself. They’re really wonderful.  I could not possibly be more proud of our bloggers.

Are We There Yet?, by Portia Capelo

Thanks to Lokii, without whom nothing else happens.  She took my hastily drawn concept sketch and made A Thing that worked out of it.  These events would not happen without her, because goodness knows I can’t build anything properly in SL.  That, and she did our posters/signs (which goodness knows I don’t want to do either.)  ❤ Pottamus.

The Seat With the Clearest View, by Ely Hynes.

Thanks to Neph, because she’s at least half the reason I don’t snap somewhere in the middle.  Seriously.  Y’all have no idea how supportive she is.  She hides the extra length of fuse so I don’t run out.

Futurewave2, by Cindy Gedenspire

This event allowed people to create their own visions of the future, which spanned a wide range. The “no fandom” rule was a very good idea (and I encourage other event organizers to consider it.  It worked out better than expected.) We got to see people create a whole spectrum of futuristic visions, and then watched the bloggers rip them apart and remake them into something else yet again.  Patterns upon patterns.   I’m glad that we got a surprising amount of stuff suitable for nonhuman avatars.  I’m thrilled we got stuff for robots and androids and all manner of cyber people.  I am grateful we got cybergoths (because I need that stuff on Thursdays, you know.)  So many ideas, and an incredible amount of creative effort. It’s been great.

The Portal, by Sonya Marmurek

We’re on to our next event for the year, so for now, the portal is closed.  World Goth Fair applications open April 1st.  It’s time to set the future aside, and get your goth on.

FutureWave2_, by Devin Vaughn

See you on the dark side, folks.



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