Another merchant list update.

Hey all, I’ve updated the merchant list again. We do still have one open slot, technically, and several people haven’t yet paid their booth fees. Please note that all booths not paid up by midnight on the 31st will be removed from the event, because after that point I just don’t have the time to chase people around (not that I have the time now, but I’m more willing to poke people about it.)




Applications update (again.)

I’ve updated the merchant list. 

Currently, we have one slot left open.  Please remember that all booth fees are due no later than January 31, so if you have gotten your stuff and haven’t paid yours make sure you leave yourself a note to do that before the 31st.

Merchant list is now up.

I’ve put up the beginnings of this year’s merchant list here.  As always it’s subject to change, and will be updated as booth fees are paid. Currently we technically have 2 openings left before we hit the waiting list (and we ALWAYS need wait list people.)

Applications will be open through January 31, and booth fees are due by that time as well.

The sponsor page stuff will be turned over to Synjari this weekend so she can work on it.



First applications wave is now processed.

If you sent in an application to Futurewave before this post was published, it’s been processed. Please check the email address you signed up for booth size and fee confirmations.

We did not take everyone who applied.  The reasons why (in this batch) were twofold:

1. The store contains a large amount of fandom related merchandise. We have a no fandom rule in place in the rules for this event(it’s even in red letters in the rules). If your store sells a lot of fandom related stuff, it could be great stuff- but you’re just not the right store for this event.

2. The store simply doesn’t sell anything related to the theme(s), and nothing came in with the application explaining that.

Currently, we have 7 open slots remaining.  I’ll start getting a merchant list together tonight.

First round of application processing is happening today (January 9.)

Hi all. I’m processing the first round of applications today. As of right now I’ve done about half of what we have. I’ll do the rest after I’ve slept a little. I should be caught up by tonight.  We have a lot of new stores applying so they need to be checked out as we go.

We do have some slots (I want to say ~5 at the moment, but I haven’t checked all the stores who applied yet) left, so if you wanted to apply, now is a good time.



Applications update.

Hi all. I know a bunch of people are waiting on applications stuff. Im waiting on the standees to be delivered from Pie. (I really don’t want to have to do all this twice so it’s more efficient to just wait til I get them so I can do this in one shot.) However at this point we are *definitely* out of sponsor slots. If you apply as a sponsor we’ll add you to the wait list but those slots are LONG gone.

Pie has promised the standees and poster frames at some point today, so I should be up and running with acceptance emails and poster drops later today.

Futurewave 2015 Applications are open.

Happy New Year everyone!

Applications for Futurewave 2015 are now open.  Please read the FAQ FIRST, as some of the rules have changed from last year.

We will begin sending out the first wave of acceptances around January 7.  Once we sell out we will maintain a waiting list. Sponsor slots are few, and expected to go quickly.

Have at.  (the application link is in the FAQ. Read it first, people.)