Merchant pack 2 is out.

Hi everyone.  If you’re a Futurewave merchant please log in and go to group notices to get Merchant pack #2.  It’s got the blogger review copy send box in it, along with some other stuff so you definitely want it, Just follow the instructions inside and magic will happen.

Bloggers- you don’t need to take this box. There’s nothing in it for you and if you rez the blogger send box it will self destruct anyway.  If you want to see what it looks like (because it is pretty nifty looking) just boop me, and I can send you an unscripted version for you to play around with.  If you’re a Futurewave blogger all you have to do is wait. Review copies will be magically delivered to you automatically, for the box is awesome like that.

As soon as we’re ready for load in, I’ll let everyone know.


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