T-12 hours

Where We Stood Still, by DanteAmore Rossini

In 12 hours the wormhole will open and allow people in to Futurewave 2015.  There’s a strange combination of everything and nothing happening right now.  A lot of behind the scenes frantic creation and load in, combined with the quiet that only comes when the sim is on lockdown.  As always it will come down to the wire for a lot of it, but such is how all events work.

Our talented blogger crew is already hard at work, and are getting their photo A game on.  I have been sweeping by the flickr group to moderate new entries several times a day, and people have already been posting great stuff, so we’ll have plenty to show off to you.  The merchant list has been updated with direct booth URLs  (the way this build is designed makes the URLs way more efficient than a map, so use those if you need to find someplace in a hurry.)  Also, all the signs are labeled, so you can always use area search with the name of the store to try and find a particular shop.

Our sponsor page has also been updated thanks to Synjari (thanks, Syn. 🙂 ) and you can read up on all our terrific sponsors for this year.  We’re almost ready to roll.

Just a few more hours and we can all step into the Future.



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