About Our Sponsors.

    • Opening File of 22769 ~ [bauwerk] … please wait!
      22769 ~ [bauwerk] is the furniture sidebrand from 22769. And behind that wired combination of numbers you see Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale. Both are Sci-Fi consuming elfboys.
      We both love Sci Fi. And not only Star Trek and/or Star Wars. Sometimes it can be fun to watch old -today everyone would describe them as trashy-Movies and Series from years ago. And everytime, we a see a sci fi classic on tv, we get impressed how the things from the films slip into our daily life now. And of course, this is an inspiration pool for items we want to create in second life.
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    • Blue Falcon Industries, set in the self-created world of “the Coalition”, provides various accessories and items of extremely high and professional quality for SecondLife avatars. With a unique view of how SecondLife should be for its users, “BFI” aims to please everyone, from full-fledged modder to newbie, with their highly customizable gear.

    • Chariot, maker of fine mesh accoutrements for tomorrow, yesterday and never.

    • Fallen Gods Inc. provides avatar genetics since 2007, ranging from mainstream genres to ones still to discover or create. Visit the Temple, explore and enrich your Second Self with a look that can flow from elf to werewolf, from demon to petite, from fae to snake, from merfolk to vampire, from elemental to drow and much more.
      Give your virtual incarnation the reppresentation you deserve and let imagination be your limit.

    • Past, Present or Future, Gothika remains. The home club of all Cursed events, the Gothika Circus delivers dark sounds from the underground 5 nights a week. The Gothika Mobile Unit brings all the dark sounds upstairs for events. Welcome to the lower berth. We remain The Greatest Show Unearthed, since 2008.

    • Malfean Visions is the masterplan of Lokii Violet. Showcasing it’s wide range of products, ranging from Clothing to Jewelry-Latex to Denim – Her design portfolio breathes heavily into the grunge lifestyle and gives you a deep feeling of ’90s nostalgia. From her gorgeous corset designs to her spinning dolly keys. You can count on :{MV}: to give you a fun fashion’s glimpse into the darker corners of the umbra itself. All visitors are met with a Cheshire smile at :{MV}:!

    • Unique clothing, accessories and body parts for tomorrow, the day after and never.

    • We’re designer since 4 years now and our first store was at Insilico. We always love create futuristic, cyber fashion mixed with our French touch.

    • Zibska, opened in 2010 by Zib Scaggs, offers an array of unusual jewelery sets, accessories, cosmetics and couture. Zibska is the perfect stop for finding that certain something to pull a look together or create something totally new and uniquely you. The Zibska pieces are not created for mass appeal, they do not suit everybody and they like it that way.


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