Music, Stuff and The Thing.

Good Suspension

Good Suspension by Alisa Perne

Futurewave is zooming along in space, floating within its own gravitational field, the pedestrian lights on the floor flickering with each visitor step. It is a sight to see, behold and experience. So many people already have and more are still coming through the teleports constantly.

If you are a new visitor to the Cursed Spheres you might not be aware that there is a functioning club within the premises. Club Gothika’s Mobile Unit moves in every time, and Futurewave is no exception. Their regular schedule can be found here, but we also have a guest DJ just for the occasion. The lovely Alisa Perne (above in the picture) who also blogs for us and actually lives in Cursed will be gracing Gothika on Friday, February 20th, 4-6 PM SLT. Come on over and join in the fun!

What is this Thing Photo Contest

As for The Thing, there is a curious artifact unearthed by {NanTra} Poses available in Futurewave. Thanks to the wonders of technology, each synthesized copy is exactly the same as the original to the point no one can tell the difference. But what IS The Thing? It seems that the founders and distributers are somewhat uncertain about it as well and are holding a contest to ask your opinion on the matter. Find out more here.

As always, it’s been an immense pleasure witnessing both creators and bloggers get into the spirit of things, challenging themselves, becoming inspired and enjoying the process. Check out our flickr pool for more shinies and to truly enjoy all the colour of the future!

Visit Futurewave at:

Other Colors

Other Colors by Hephaesteon



Blogger Applications Open!


Futurewave by Mildread Gloom.

Re-calibrate your jetpacks, polish your robotic radars, synthesize a new dose of caffeinated beverage of your choice: Futurewave is almost here! It’s time to send in your applications and start thinking in cyber circuits!

Click here to read the blogger info and get to the application!

Report from Mission Control – Day 4.

FutureWave 1, by Devin Vaughn

Team Bunny reporting in, rambling process is a go. I repeat, rambling process begins in three… two… one… !

We’re still firmly in the future, squeeing over shiny things, flying around in space with newly acquired jetpacks, exploring new characters with brand new cyber visors… or to nutshell all of that: having fun.

As I’m writing this there’s happiness occurring in the group chat: happiness about the theme, about the items, about how inspiring they have been, how much bloggers have enjoyed making looks and stories with them, how much the creators have enjoyed seeing these results. To me that is exactly how it should be: creators inspiring bloggers with their work, bloggers catching their interpretation in pictures and words and creators feeling happy about the result. It should flow in a cycle of imagination, inspiration and respect.

This also reminded me of one of those openly admitted blogger-biases I have. One of the secret ingredients in Bunny Point System. I love pictures that promise a story, showcase a character, catch a moment in an adventure, in life. I especially love it when the bloggers take that next step further and add their words to the picture, tell us what they imagined, who the character is, what is happening, conjure up a story: just a glimpse to the thoughts or a shortstory, doesn’t matter.

Futurewave has been a rain of those Bunny Points all around, I assure you. Don’t believe me? Just go look at our Flickr Pool. Prepare to have your jaw hit the floor.

Once you pick it up again by evening you can teleport back to Futurewave and enjoy the music and inspirational and absolutely completely sane company. (Honest.)

Future is worth celebrating!

Wednesday 2/19:
8-10pm SLT – Lokii Violet (Wednesday Night Spiral)
10pm-midnight – Bronxelf (The Wednesday Night Darkwave)

Blogger Challenge: Flavor of Future

Enforcer, by ~Lainey~

What is your favourite flavor of future? Is it a post-apocalyptic struggle, a cybernetic perfection, robotic utopia, a space adventure, a retro return to our roots in new fashion, cyber gothic circuitry, an alien gathering… there are more assumed possibilities than I can list!

The challenge is simple: show us! If you have several favourites, pick one or show them all! We want to see your futuristic forms whether they are alien, android or human!

Leave a comment here with a link to your blog post or flickr pictures, so everyone can easily access and admire them. Remember also that there’s a flickr pool for all the things available in Futurewave.

You don’t have to be an official blogger or even a blogger at all to participate in the challenge: if you want to share your own favourite futuristic character with us, go right ahead!


Merchants Guide to Bloggers

Future Wave {Sneak Peeks} by Gia Nikai Juliesse

Also known as: “So there’s bloggers involved with the event, what do I do with them?”

First of all, you do not have to give out review copies unless you want to. This should be a no-brainer, it’s your business, after all. No obligation or expectation whatsoever. You are also free to use just your own bloggers, if you so wish.

However, if you do wish to give out review copies to the event bloggers, read on!

We have an official blogger list here in case you want to make more individual picks, but most commonly people either send the blogger box through the group notices or box it up in their booth with a group-only-give script. The said script and instructions how to use it can be found in the group notices in a notecard called Merchants Guide to Bloggers.

As for what to put in the said blog box: anything you want! Commonly it’s the event releases or at least a sample of them. Some creators give out full fatpacks, some only a few colours and some don’t give out any review copies at all and all of that is perfectly fine. Your business, your choices.

All that being said, the optional nature of blogging this event is a two way street. You aren’t required to provide review copies, and no blogger is required to blog everything they get.

All we ask is everyone be respectful to everyone else.

Blogger Applications Are Closed

Do virtual trees bloom pixels?

It’s that time of the event cycle again: blogger applications have been closed and the blogger list finalized. The bloggers are free to run about the event area already, take pictures and get into the appropriately futuristic mindset. Check the notices for landmark and other info if SL tried to be sneaky and didn’t tell you there’s new group notices.

We received an astonishing amount of applications for an event that is just starting out and taking its first hover-bootsed steps toward the jetpacks of success. So much so that I felt the need to clarify that Cursed Events has already a loyal group of core bloggers that have been with us through several events and that we respect and cherish dearly. Therefore the new spots are always much less in number than one might assume and although we appreciate every application, we do also have very limited spots available. Regardless whether you got a spot or not, we thank you for being interested and welcome you to the event when it opens: being in a group was never any requirement for enjoying an event!

Reformat your inner hard drives, ladies and gentle-droids, the future is almost here!

The Blogger Applications Are Open!

Futurewave blogger applications have just opened. If you are interested in blogging futuristic styles, if space adventures appeal to you, if your default hair is cyberlox, if gasmasks are your fashion accessory of choice, if human flesh is too soft and you prefer to be an android instead, this is the event for you.

As always, we don’t require that you are specialized in the genre, we don’t even require that you have blogged it or our events before, although all of that is a huge heart-warming delightful squee factor. We require that you are interested in the theme and willing to try it out, that you are willing to blog the event in some shape or form (writing about the event itself is just as accepted as using items from it for looks) and that your personal avatar and photography style matches what we are looking for.

Click here to find the faq and application, come join us in the wave!