Game over.



Game Over, by Synful Ghost

…and so our window into the future closes on 2015.  Thank you all for coming up and spending time with us.  If you haven’t yet, have a stroll through our flickr pool – it really is an outstanding group of images and our bloggers once again have done an amazing job that only pictures will allow you to fully appreciate (as words aren’t adequate.)

Thanks also to all our merchants who tirelessly scrape themselves together to put out such wonderful product.

Many people came to me to talk about how much they like the build- that was done by Lokii Violet, so go tell her.

We’ll see you next time.






Report from mission control: We are up and running



The Future Begins, by Cindy Gedenspire

If I were Sonya (and I am not Sonya) I would write an awesome story here about liftoff and mission control and make it sound like a story. But I can’t tell stories to save my life, and you’re stuck with me for this post, so I can tell everyone we opened on time and with very few hitches.  We did not (thank goodness) have the same mad rush we did last year (when we hit 104 people in 20 minutes- yeah, let’s never do that again…) but we did have plenty of people wandering around.

The booth design this year is really pretty terrific. Most stores went all out, creatively, and they look really nifty.  Our blogging team is once again out in force- I’ve been moderating our flickr group every couple hours, and people have been posting wonderful stuff.

It also seems that people have discovered Gothulon Travel, which by the way everyone is welcome to use to take photos in.  We had an extra space, so we created a little spot for people to have fun with.  “Explore the dark reaches of the universe! Come see the space bunnies of Fluffzoid 8!”  Mostly this is what happens when Sonya and I really need caffeine.

There’s lots to see this year, so come on up and hang out on the space station.  See you tomorrow- mission control, out.




T-12 hours

Where We Stood Still, by DanteAmore Rossini

In 12 hours the wormhole will open and allow people in to Futurewave 2015.  There’s a strange combination of everything and nothing happening right now.  A lot of behind the scenes frantic creation and load in, combined with the quiet that only comes when the sim is on lockdown.  As always it will come down to the wire for a lot of it, but such is how all events work.

Our talented blogger crew is already hard at work, and are getting their photo A game on.  I have been sweeping by the flickr group to moderate new entries several times a day, and people have already been posting great stuff, so we’ll have plenty to show off to you.  The merchant list has been updated with direct booth URLs  (the way this build is designed makes the URLs way more efficient than a map, so use those if you need to find someplace in a hurry.)  Also, all the signs are labeled, so you can always use area search with the name of the store to try and find a particular shop.

Our sponsor page has also been updated thanks to Synjari (thanks, Syn. 🙂 ) and you can read up on all our terrific sponsors for this year.  We’re almost ready to roll.

Just a few more hours and we can all step into the Future.


Merchant pack 2 is out.

Hi everyone.  If you’re a Futurewave merchant please log in and go to group notices to get Merchant pack #2.  It’s got the blogger review copy send box in it, along with some other stuff so you definitely want it, Just follow the instructions inside and magic will happen.

Bloggers- you don’t need to take this box. There’s nothing in it for you and if you rez the blogger send box it will self destruct anyway.  If you want to see what it looks like (because it is pretty nifty looking) just boop me, and I can send you an unscripted version for you to play around with.  If you’re a Futurewave blogger all you have to do is wait. Review copies will be magically delivered to you automatically, for the box is awesome like that.

As soon as we’re ready for load in, I’ll let everyone know.

Another merchant list update.

Hey all, I’ve updated the merchant list again. We do still have one open slot, technically, and several people haven’t yet paid their booth fees. Please note that all booths not paid up by midnight on the 31st will be removed from the event, because after that point I just don’t have the time to chase people around (not that I have the time now, but I’m more willing to poke people about it.)



Merchant list is now up.

I’ve put up the beginnings of this year’s merchant list here.  As always it’s subject to change, and will be updated as booth fees are paid. Currently we technically have 2 openings left before we hit the waiting list (and we ALWAYS need wait list people.)

Applications will be open through January 31, and booth fees are due by that time as well.

The sponsor page stuff will be turned over to Synjari this weekend so she can work on it.



First applications wave is now processed.

If you sent in an application to Futurewave before this post was published, it’s been processed. Please check the email address you signed up for booth size and fee confirmations.

We did not take everyone who applied.  The reasons why (in this batch) were twofold:

1. The store contains a large amount of fandom related merchandise. We have a no fandom rule in place in the rules for this event(it’s even in red letters in the rules). If your store sells a lot of fandom related stuff, it could be great stuff- but you’re just not the right store for this event.

2. The store simply doesn’t sell anything related to the theme(s), and nothing came in with the application explaining that.

Currently, we have 7 open slots remaining.  I’ll start getting a merchant list together tonight.

First round of application processing is happening today (January 9.)

Hi all. I’m processing the first round of applications today. As of right now I’ve done about half of what we have. I’ll do the rest after I’ve slept a little. I should be caught up by tonight.  We have a lot of new stores applying so they need to be checked out as we go.

We do have some slots (I want to say ~5 at the moment, but I haven’t checked all the stores who applied yet) left, so if you wanted to apply, now is a good time.