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The blogger applications are now closed, thank you for your interest.

Futurewave is delighted to invite and welcome bloggers to the event. Some things you should know:

Blogging the event is optional on BOTH sides. That means we are not going to set rules about who blogs what, when, and for how many cookies. The only thing we expect is that you blog the event in some form and shape, the rest is up to you. That said, we also do not force merchants to provide review packs, either. They can if they want to, and if not, that’s fine too.  We ask that both sides be respectful, and that’s pretty much it.

The selected bloggers will have an early access to the event for several days.

We do not guarantee that everyone who applies will be accepted.

If you have any blogging related questions or comments, please IM Sonya Marmurek. If you IM any of the other organizers, they will just send you to Sonya, so skipping that extra route spares some time for everybody.

The theme of the event is future couture, science fiction, androids and robotics, space related, cyberpunk, cybergoth, and *futuristic* post-apoc, and Victorian futurism (like Jules Verne, etc.).

This is not a fandom event. This means there will be no Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek and so forth, only original ideas, designs and creations: the creators’ own versions of the future.

The time is February 13th – March 1st, 2015.

If you are accepted, you will be invited to the Cursed Events group and will need a free group slot for it. If you have blogged for us before and are still in the group, send in the application anyway.

We are using our new scripted review copy delivery system instead of sending the review copies through the group, which means that if we don’t know you’re willing to blog the event, you’re not going to be on the list that gets the review copies. Everyone in the Cursed Events group can of course visit the event area before the opening and shop, so even if you didn’t apply: you’re welcome to early access and whim-shopping and blogging as you wish.

Only the accepted bloggers will be contacted.


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