Futurewave 2015 FAQ and Rules.

Thanks for being interested in Futurewave!  Here’s answers to questions you might have. If you have other questions we didn’t cover, please feel free to leave them in comments and we’ll add them to the list.

1. What is Futurewave and when is it held?

Futurewave is a science fiction/futuristic shopping event.  It will be held from noon PT on February 13- midnight March 1.  It is not a charity event.

2. Where will it be held?

It will be held on the Cursed sim.  It is strictly a one sim event.

3. Who organizes this event?

This is a Cursed Events fair. We also are the people behind World Goth Fair, A Clockwork Spiral, A  Tattered Page, and Gothmas by Gaslight.   The org team consists of Axi Kurmin, Lokii Violet, Sonya Marmurek, and Nephilaine Progatanist, with additional assistance from Cruel Britannia and Sohma Dix.  Our website CSS is done by the lovely Synjari Myriam.

4. How many merchants can you accomodate?

Not including our stores (and Gothika), 35. Once we hit that number, we will begin a waiting list.

5.  Are there sponsor slots? If so how many and what do you get for sponsoring?

There are five sponsor slots available.  We expect them to go very, very quickly. Most people who apply for them won’t get them, but we will maintain a waiting list (we often have people who for whatever reason have to drop out.)

What sponsors get:

-Your logo displayed on the site in the sidebar of this site, and a mention on our sponsors page with accompanying advertising blurb.

-50 extra prims

As best as we possibly can, your booth within sight of the landing point.

6. What are the booth fees?

small    25prims 5x10m    500L

medium    50prims    10x15m    750L

large    75prims    10x20m    1000L

Sponsor slots are an additional 1750L. You do not have to have a particular booth size to be a sponsor.   However, you will be expected to be set up on time, and you will be expected to decorate your booth as fits the event.  Packing the walls with vendors does not count as decoration.

7. Where do I pay the fee? 

All fees for Futurewave go to CursedEvents Resident ONLY, and we will not accept payment until January 7 (as we need to clear the account from Gothmas by Gaslight.)

8. What kind of stores are you looking for? (read me. this is important.)

We are looking for future couture, science fiction, androids and robotics, space related, cyberpunk, cybergoth,  *futuristic* post-apoc, retro futurism (mid century atomic), and Victorian futurism (like Jules Verne, etc.)

More to the point though, here’s the list of things we’re NOT looking for:

non-futuristic post apoc/grunge

urban streetwear

Any fandom related merchandise.

I’m going to repeat that:  no fandom related merchandise. 
This event is NOT, full stop, “pimp your fandom”.  No to Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, etc.  No.  Full stop, no.  There will be no daleks, no police boxes, no tie fighters, no Jayne hats, no cylons, etc. etc. ad nauseam.   We are interested in YOUR version of the future, not one borrowed from someone else (who has probably trademarked it anyway.)

As always, no gesture stores, and we do not accept stores that only sell shapes(and nothing else.) Anyone who has previously stood us up (as opposed to *telling us* they had to drop out of an event – we mean someone who was supposed to be there and just didn’t show with no word) will not be accepted.

9.  What is your vendor acceptance policy?

Because this event has a tight focus and is small, we’re going to employ fairly strict entry requirements.  Even stores that join our other events regularly are not guaranteed a slot on this one. Our priority(though it’s not to the point of exclusivity) is to showcase vendors who feature these futuristic themes regularly.  We only have 35 slots and not everyone who applies will get in.  If you’re easily stung by rejection (even if it isn’t personal), you might not want to apply to this one.  We’re running a tight spaceship for this. Don’t say we never told you.

All merchants will need to give us a full perm, 512x512px store logo. We will need the sponsor ones first, in order to add them to the website.  Please do not make us chase you down for them.  It’s a giant pain in the ass and screws with our build schedule. If you were in World Goth Fair, A Tattered Page, A Clockwork Spiral, or Gothmas by Gaslight 2014, you do not have to send in a logo. I have it. Anyone else has to send a logo to Axi Kurmin when you submit your application.  If I don’t have a logo? I will not process your application until I process all the ones that do, and the chances of your not getting waitlisted are very, very high.

Also, if your store (inworld or marketplace) contains items that can be considered: sexist, misogynistic, racist or homophobic, we won’t accept your store into the event. It’s very simple- we aren’t supporting stores that sell that kind of merchandise. We don’t think it’s funny, or cute and we don’t want stores that do at our events.

10.  What are the exclusivity rules?

For purposes of this event:

“Exclusive” means that whatever it is will only appear at this event.  Whatever version of whatever it is will not be sold later. This is it- if you want $thing, you need to buy it at the event.

“Reserved” means that whatever it is will only be at this event until the event ends.  After the event, it will be on sale as usual in store/on marketplace.

We require one new, reserved item to appear at Futurewave.  Whether or not it is exclusive is entirely up to you.  But one brand new, reserved item must come with you.  More is always welcome – but that’s your minimum.

11. What is your policy regarding sexually suggestive/oriented content?

Cursed is an adult sim, so there’s no problem there. However, we will be taking that kind of thing on a case by case basis.  There’s a fine line between “yeah sure fine” and “wow, that’s not cool.” If you’re not sure where that line is? Ask us before you start building.  We tend toward being easygoing, but experience has taught me that I need to make this caveat clear – if it squicks *us* out (and that’s hard to do) we’re going to say no.  Because ew.

12. What is your policy on scripted/networked vendors?

Landmark givers/group joiners/subscribos are all okay. No autogreeters of any kind. Everyone hates those things anyway.

Regular split scripts are okay.

However, there is a non-negotiable rule in place.  No. Networked. Vendors That means no Caspervend, Hippovend, BSM, EV2,  etc.  Networked vendors make off-sim calls to a central database and when under load simwide,  can drag a busy sim to a crawl.  If you can’t live without your networked vendors, then this isn’t the event for you.  Sorry about that.

However, that said:

There isn’t a discussion about this. There are no negotiations about it. In fact, we’re fantastically tired of even HEARING about it.  Just accept it.  It’s very frustrating to hear about how your vendors are somehow special and mystically don’t cause lag.  Trust me- they DO cause lag, when used simwide on a full sim.  We are not willing to police who is using what networked vendor system, and not all of them are created equal.  We cannot spare the time to have to negotiate who is bringing what vendor.  We don’t allow them at all, and this is a firm, non-negotiable point.

13. What is the IP/ripped items policy?

The policy of ALL the events I’ve ever organized has always been the same- if you rip stuff, be it art, textures, models, whathaveyou – I will punt you out so hard and so fast they will see you fly across the grid. If you buy stolen/infringing content full perm on marketplace, and then resell it, I will pull you out just as quickly.  I have done this before, and will not hesitate to do it again.



If you, personally, did not create the artwork or photos in that gallery YOURSELF, do not bring them to this event. We will remove you. If you grabbed it from the net, google, whatever, and messed with it in photoshop- do not bring them to this event. We will remove you.

It does not matter if you make “an original piece just for the event” if everything else in your store originated as someone else’s artwork. We will not keep you at the event. we are *Not interested* in work that is not completely created by the merchant. Please, save your time and ours- we *really will remove you* if you’re selling work that isn’t yours.


If you, personally, did not create the textures in that gallery YOURSELF, by your own hand/photo work, do not bring them to this event. We will remove you from it when we find out it’s happened, and someone *always tells us* it’s happened.

It does not matter if you make “an original piece just for the event” if everything else in your store originated as someone else’s texture. We will remove you. we are *Not interested* in work that is not completely created by the merchant. Please, save your time and ours- we *really will remove you* if you’re selling work that isn’t yours.


Also, please read the above. This rule applies to you also.


You had to go through the same IP quiz that everyone else did to upload meshes at all. If we find out you’re selling ripped content or if we find out you’re selling INFRINGING content – which doesn’t have to be ripped, just be ripping off someone else’s IP – we will pull you out of Futurewave so fast it will make your head spin. It is not fair to everyone else who busts ass to make their own stuff from scratch. There is no way for us to know the legitimacy of every item in every booth, but you can bet that with that many eyes on items, SOMEONE will know, recognize, and prove where it came from. Don’t do it. We will find out and we will remove you from the fair.

If you don’t make your own meshes yourself, and aren’t uploading them, but are buying items full perm on marketplace, is is up to YOU to know that your stuff is not infringing someone else’s IP.  It is up to YOU to know it’s not ripped off from a movie, a video game, or some other property under copyright or trademark. It is up to YOU to be sure that the merchants you’re purchasing things from, full perm on marketplace are legit, and not thieves themselves.  “I didn’t know it was stolen” is a limited defense. When it’s one item, and everything else is obviously fine, well you know, stuff happens to everyone sometimes. No one can be expected to know everything.  But when there’s multiple problems, that defense doesn’t work, and our only recourse is to remove you from the event – because what it tells us is you aren’t aware of your own genres to know what’s real and what isn’t.

There will be *NO EXCEPTIONS* to this policy, and just to be clear – the org team is the arbiter of what we feel comes too close to the line of infringement(or in fact, sails right over it). We are not beholden to anyone else on this.  Save yourself the hassle and just don’t do it in the first place.

14. What about bloggers?

Our blogger FAQ is here:  https://cursedfuturewave.wordpress.com/blogger-faq/  and blogger applications will open on January 13.

Yes.  Blogger coordination is handled by Sonya Marmurek.  Bloggers will have access to the site through the build process, and any and all review copies.  If you’re interested, please fill out the blogger application. Please don’t ask anyone but Sonya about blogger related stuff. We only have to then turn around and ask her anyway. You may as well just cut out the middleman and go directly to her. It’s her job- the rest of us don’t do bloggerythings.

15.  Do you have a flickr group? 


16.  When will merchants be allowed to set up and when do bloggers get access to the build?

No later than February 9, and no sooner than February 7.  Bloggers will be allowed access throughout the build process.

Due to the epidemic of people being late to events we will insist that everyone be at least *partially* set up by NOON on February 12.  Anyone not at least partially in by then will lose their booth slot. If you don’t believe me, ask the people whose booths we pulled at Gothmas by Gaslight. If we have to pull your booth, we will not accept you to another Cursed Event until Futurewave 2016.  Seriously, we aren’t screwing around about this.

17.  How will I know if I’ve been accepted?   

We will have an ongoing merchant list available on this site. I will also be emailing acceptances to everyone, as well as sending group invites (if you’re not in the merchant group already).  We know that SL likes to eat group invites. If you miss yours, just ask one of us to resend it.

18.  What is your merchant policy regarding cancellations?

We maintain a waiting list for merchants once all booth slots are gone.  No one minds if you have to cancel. Stuff happens, RL intervenes. That said, we mind a LOT (no, really, a LOT) when people decide not to do the event and don’t bother to TELL anyone about it.  If you aren’t set up 24 hours before we open and you have not communicated with us despite our attempts to do so, we are giving your booth slot away, and we will roundfile any further applications to our events. Not telling people you have to cancel is just fantastically rude, and we have no patience for it. At all.  If you have to cancel that’s totally, utterly ok, but TELL SOMEONE.

19. Why is the group just for merchants? Is there a shoppers group?

Over the past couple of years MANY people have asked us for a group for shoppers and gacha traders.  (many. )  The reason we never did it was because there were very poor group management controls available to us, and none of us has the time or patience to babysit an open group.  However, the newest release of Firestorm contains the LONG awaited group ban function.  As promised, as soon as it dropped, I installed it and created a group. It’s called Cursed Shoppers, and will cover all our events in order to save group space. The group is open and free to join.  The group key is here:  fe9d4c5b-4fa9-a1df-dd7e-adb54a334366 .  It will take some time to populate, but merchants are welcome to join and send out demos if they like, or whatever else they’ve got.  Gacha trading is welcome and you can ask questions about our events there too if you want to.  Have at, people.

Cursed Events merchants are welcome to send demos through the group as well(just poke someone for a merchant tag so you can post notices).


20. Can I have co-designers in my booth (more than one store in a booth, basically.) 

We understand that a lot of stores are partnerships, and that some folks have multiple brands. That’s a problem we encounter ourselves, actually.  Here’s the deal – yes, you can do this, under certain conditions.  Here’s what they are:

a) we have to be notified about this *BEFORE* applications close (in this case, before January 31) .  Past that point we do not have time to effectively research additional brands-  we have our hands full.

b) we need to approve the additional brand- that means we need to know the name of the store, what it sells, where we can find it, and who owns it. Just like every other merchant in the event.

c) the additional brand cannot have been denied entry on its own. That is to say, if that brand applied to the event and was turned down, they cannot come in under someone else’s brand either.


21. Who is the Cursed Mascot?

The Cursed Mascots(I think there are four…) are actually all one person with various accounts.  They all have the same typist.   They’re mostly harmless. Do not  eat them in ways they don’t like – seriously, that’s even in our sim covenant.


22.  Will there be music events?

The Gothika Mobile Unit will maintain its regular schedule throughout Futurewave, and there are likely to be a couple of guest DJ events during it as well.

Mondays 8-10 (Lokii Violet)

Mondays 10-midnight (Bronxelf)

Tuesdays 9-11p (Pie Zipper)

Wednesdays 8-10 (Lokii Violet)

Wednesdays 10-midnight (Bronxelf)

Thursdays 1-3pm (Cruel Britannia)

Thursdays 10-midnight (Bronxelf)

Sundays 9-11pm (Pie Zipper)


If you’ve read all that (if you haven’t go up and read it- it’s pretty obvious to us when people apply to an event and haven’t read the rules, and it makes us less inclined to accept them to future events.) and want to apply, here’s your application:

The Futurewave 2015 Application. 

By filling out this form, you acknowledge that you will be held to the rules on this page. Just so you know.





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