Futurewave Dance Party

futurewave dance party

The chances of stuff like this coming to Gothika were a million to one, they said (ah-ah)… the chances of this stuff coming to Gothika were a million to one BUT STILL IT CAME.

Oh yes, sian’s first inworld DJ set comes to Futurewave as a celebration of all things futuristic in the future of the past when the past was the future only it’s… you get the idea. Expect retrotronic grooves, sci-fi pop, and theme tunes to cheesy old TV shows whose futures are already in the past.

That’s 12.30pm SLT tomorrow, Tuesday 18th Feb 2014. Which is still the Future. BUT FOR HOW LONG?*

*about 29 hours at the time of writing

Notes from Mission Control : Day Two.

Futurewave, by Duchess Flux


Day two was a bit more sane, thankfully, than day one.  I logged in briefly to find 46 people on sim, which is lovely, but not crowded enough to cause any real problems.  Spoke to several merchants about 13 hours after opening, and made sure all was well.  Now that the initial rush is over, the event largely is moving under its own steam, so the org team finally were able to do things like sleep.  And laundry.  And for me at least, finish knitting a hat.  So some semblance of normalcy began to come back.

This is actually my favorite part of an event. It’s when it’s mostly just doing its own thing, and becoming whatever it’s going to be on its own. I just sit back at mission control and analyze data.  Admittedly, I analyze a LOT of data, but it’s quiet work without a lot of social pressure.

Now the focus is on the merchants and the bloggers, with the occasional break for the musical portions of our show, as it were.  Sonya has put out a blogger challenge open to everyone who wants to join in. You don’t have to be one of our official bloggers to participate, and we invite anyone who wants to join to come and do it. I’m sure the results will be great, and we’re all looking forward to seeing them.

Last night, Gothika did its first set of the week.  Pie had forgotten (HOW, I am not entirely sure, because the poster was behind him for over a month…) we were going to be upstairs, so he had planned a goth set, that quickly morphed into something more electronic when he realized oops.  Event on.  But a bunch of us came upstairs to hang out and a good time was had by all.  I am sure he will bring along far more bleepery on Tuesday night.

Tonight though, the Freakkiteh herself Ms. Lokii Violet will be at the Gothika Mobile Unit at 8 , playing a mixure of stompy and bleepy things.  I have the decks right after her at 10, for my usual Monday night round of synthpop, futurepop, cybergoth, and dark electro.  Come on by and hang out.

Mission control, signing off til tomorrow.


Blogger Challenge: Flavor of Future

Enforcer, by ~Lainey~

What is your favourite flavor of future? Is it a post-apocalyptic struggle, a cybernetic perfection, robotic utopia, a space adventure, a retro return to our roots in new fashion, cyber gothic circuitry, an alien gathering… there are more assumed possibilities than I can list!

The challenge is simple: show us! If you have several favourites, pick one or show them all! We want to see your futuristic forms whether they are alien, android or human!

Leave a comment here with a link to your blog post or flickr pictures, so everyone can easily access and admire them. Remember also that there’s a flickr pool for all the things available in Futurewave.

You don’t have to be an official blogger or even a blogger at all to participate in the challenge: if you want to share your own favourite futuristic character with us, go right ahead!


Notes from Mission Control – day one.

Futurewave, by Alisa Perne

There’s a Chucklehead song by the name of Mission Control now stuck in my head. There goes Sunday.

We are,  as previously mentioned, open.  So about that…

The org team had no expectation of what actually happened. I know I always say this but it’s true. I advise people to keep their expectations modest and realistic, because to do otherwise invites disappointment later.  I figured we’d get busy, like eh, 35 people or so within the first hour and stay pleasantly busy all day.

What I did not expect was for the sim to cap out at 104 people within 20 minutes.  That? Yeah no I didn’t imagine that.  People were not only coming in waves, but were coming in hard- heavily scripted, and some even wearing combat meters and the like.   We have never in the history of the sim lowered the agent limit, until today.  It’s currently at 65, which seems to be the max it can handle with most people noodling around without much lag.  I do apologize for the lag that occurred within the first hour of opening- for our next event I shall lower the agent limit in advance. I know to do that now. Currently, conditions on Cursed are fine, but that first hour was a complete overload of all systems.

So, thank you all for that- seriously.

I can’t express our shock and gratitude enough to you all. We didn’t actually see this coming, and were overwhelmed by the response at opening.  We are so pleased you all want to come and check the event out. The merchants worked incredibly hard and our org team was entirely beyond exhausted by opening.  Thank you so much again, and if you got hit in that first hour, I do hope you’ll come visit throughout the week now that the initial rush is over (and I lowered the agent limit because that was nuts.)

That said, take off the combat meters or I’m sending you home. Just saying.  We aren’t used to seeing people land so heavily scripted on our little island of creepy misfit toys.  I would prefer not to install a script limit device, but for an event like this one it might be a necessity. I will reiterate, that I would really rather not, so use just a bit of common sense and some courtesy and we’ll all get along fine.  Also, for the more literal minded – I mean any script heavy thing- it’s just that the meters make offcalls to a central database. It’s sort of the “no networked vendor rule”, as applied to people.

So we have a week to go, and please  come and play with us.  Take photos. Look at stuff and things.  The support from everyone has been tremendous, and all of us at mission control are so happy you’re coming to join us.

Coming up this week we have several music related things.  Gothika is, ironically, the only thing on the merchant list(even though it’s not a store) that lives on Cursed full time, and has been open since 2008.  It’s usually buried in a cave underground, but for events we bring it upstairs to the Gothika Mobile Unit and run our weekly schedule there.  This week, in addition to that, guest org team member Sian Pearl will be doing a Future themed set.  They call it the Futurewave Dance Party, and you’re all welcome to come and join.  Danceball is overhead if you need it.


Here’s this week’s schedule:

Sunday 2/16:  8-10pm SLT  – Pie Zipper (Sunday Night Pie.)

Monday 2/17 :  8-10pm SLT – Lokii Violet (Monday Night Spiral)
Monday 2/17: 10-midnight SLT – Bronxelf (The Monday Night Dark and Sticky)

Tuesday 2/18: 12:30-2:30 pm SLT – Sian Pearl (The Futurewave Dance Party)

Tuesday 2/18:  8-10pm SLT – Pie Zipper (Tuesday Night Pie)

Wednesday 2/19: 8-10pm SLT – Lokii Violet (Wednesday Night Spiral)

Wednesday 2/19: 10pm-midnight – Bronxelf (The Wednesday Night Darkwave)

Thursday 2/20: 2-4pm SLT -Cruel Britannia (Gothika After Hours)

Thursday 2/20: 10pm- midnight – Bronxelf (The Thursday Night Apocalypse)

Friday 2/21:  8-10pm – Lokii Violet (Friday Night Spiral)

Sunday 2/23:  8-10pm – Pie Zipper (Sunday Night Pie.)

12 Hours to Liftoff.

I love this photo. It reminds me of many I’ve taken myself of the Empire State Building, peeking from between buildings on the west side. ❤

So, Futurewave opens in 12 hours.  Right now, Im sitting on the deck of the Gothika Mobile Unit, enjoying the last few hours of Nightbreed Radio until I switch over to EBM radio for the week.   The merchants are about 2/3 loaded in.   I would panic over this, but years of experience tell me that there’s no minute like the last one, so I expect people to pop in during the wee hours of the night and begin loading in.

That said, if you’re going to be late, for the love of goth, TELL ME.

The sim looks beautiful.  All events held on Cursed are built by Lokii Violet (WGF can have multiple builders, but Lokii always builds Cursed.) Every time I hand her a crudely drawn sketch of a layout, or even more importantly, the many times I *don’t* and she’s entirely on her own, she always manages to create something wonderful out of nothing. Goodness knows I couldn’t do it (and OMG so don’t want to.)

The flood of review copies has begun flowing through the group and blogger boxes are appearing in booths like little futuristic flowers. Just, looking like boxes. That metaphor is going nowhere… But I await the results of Team Bunny (as I refer to the blogging team in my head.)

As I’ve wandered around looking for darkened vendors (fullbright those things, people.), I’ve seen a variety of products from retro to antique to strictly futuristic. I’ve noted things I’d very much like to see more of, too.  But every event is a learning experience, and this one has been no exception.  Tomorrow, the door to the future will open and we’ll welcome everyone to come check it out with us.

Huge thanks go to everyone who worked so hard at getting this thing together. Eventing ain’t easy, folks. Not on anyone. It’s not about the org team- we just make the playground(though Im gonna repeat my undying gratitude to Pottamus.). It’s about the people who fill it, and those who come to play in it. Thank you.

(But really guys, if youre gonna be late setting up, TELL ME.)

See you at noon.


Merchants Guide to Bloggers

Future Wave {Sneak Peeks} by Gia Nikai Juliesse

Also known as: “So there’s bloggers involved with the event, what do I do with them?”

First of all, you do not have to give out review copies unless you want to. This should be a no-brainer, it’s your business, after all. No obligation or expectation whatsoever. You are also free to use just your own bloggers, if you so wish.

However, if you do wish to give out review copies to the event bloggers, read on!

We have an official blogger list here in case you want to make more individual picks, but most commonly people either send the blogger box through the group notices or box it up in their booth with a group-only-give script. The said script and instructions how to use it can be found in the group notices in a notecard called Merchants Guide to Bloggers.

As for what to put in the said blog box: anything you want! Commonly it’s the event releases or at least a sample of them. Some creators give out full fatpacks, some only a few colours and some don’t give out any review copies at all and all of that is perfectly fine. Your business, your choices.

All that being said, the optional nature of blogging this event is a two way street. You aren’t required to provide review copies, and no blogger is required to blog everything they get.

All we ask is everyone be respectful to everyone else.

Blogger Applications Are Closed

Do virtual trees bloom pixels?

It’s that time of the event cycle again: blogger applications have been closed and the blogger list finalized. The bloggers are free to run about the event area already, take pictures and get into the appropriately futuristic mindset. Check the notices for landmark and other info if SL tried to be sneaky and didn’t tell you there’s new group notices.

We received an astonishing amount of applications for an event that is just starting out and taking its first hover-bootsed steps toward the jetpacks of success. So much so that I felt the need to clarify that Cursed Events has already a loyal group of core bloggers that have been with us through several events and that we respect and cherish dearly. Therefore the new spots are always much less in number than one might assume and although we appreciate every application, we do also have very limited spots available. Regardless whether you got a spot or not, we thank you for being interested and welcome you to the event when it opens: being in a group was never any requirement for enjoying an event!

Reformat your inner hard drives, ladies and gentle-droids, the future is almost here!

T – 5 days.

The Adventures of Spacegoth.

5 days until Futurewave opens, and I’ve closed Cursed to public access so the merchants can load in. My to-do list today looks even more frightening than usual, which is saying something.

Futurewave event bloggers are welcome to come upstairs at any time.

Just a reminder, we have a Flickr group, so feel free to post your vendor photos, your blog photos and all your Futurewave photos there.

If anyone needs help they can just shoot me or Lokii an IM- all our offline IMs go to email.

Almost time to step into the Future, gang.


Building has begun.



And so it begins.

Now that it’s February, Lokii has trundled on upstairs to begin work on the build.  It will be ready at some point between February 8 and 10 for merchants to load in, but basic infrastructure and booths are in place.  We just need to decorate around them now, and we’re hard at work tossing ideas back and forth.  Also, there’s a lot of swearing involved, but that’s normal.  If you’re a merchant, and haven’t sent your logo (full perm, 512×512 sq.) to Lokii Violet yet, please do so asap- the faster she gets them the faster booth assignments get done, and the faster we get a map in place. We NEED the logos no later than February 9.

Blogger applications are open until February 10, by the way.  If you’re already in the group and want to blog this event, please fill out an application anyway- we’ll take you if you’re already there, but Sonya needs to know who is staying in the group for this event and who isn’t before then.

If anyone needs to drop out of the event for any reason, that’s totally okay- but please *tell us* so we can plan around that.

13 days to go before the Digital Revolution.