Music, Stuff and The Thing.

Good Suspension

Good Suspension by Alisa Perne

Futurewave is zooming along in space, floating within its own gravitational field, the pedestrian lights on the floor flickering with each visitor step. It is a sight to see, behold and experience. So many people already have and more are still coming through the teleports constantly.

If you are a new visitor to the Cursed Spheres you might not be aware that there is a functioning club within the premises. Club Gothika’s Mobile Unit moves in every time, and Futurewave is no exception. Their regular schedule can be found here, but we also have a guest DJ just for the occasion. The lovely Alisa Perne (above in the picture) who also blogs for us and actually lives in Cursed will be gracing Gothika on Friday, February 20th, 4-6 PM SLT. Come on over and join in the fun!

What is this Thing Photo Contest

As for The Thing, there is a curious artifact unearthed by {NanTra} Poses available in Futurewave. Thanks to the wonders of technology, each synthesized copy is exactly the same as the original to the point no one can tell the difference. But what IS The Thing? It seems that the founders and distributers are somewhat uncertain about it as well and are holding a contest to ask your opinion on the matter. Find out more here.

As always, it’s been an immense pleasure witnessing both creators and bloggers get into the spirit of things, challenging themselves, becoming inspired and enjoying the process. Check out our flickr pool for more shinies and to truly enjoy all the colour of the future!

Visit Futurewave at:

Other Colors

Other Colors by Hephaesteon



Report from Mission Control – Day 3.

Untitled, by Shadow Rothmanay

The work week dawned, like some kind of fantastic space simile , that if I were actually a writer (and I’m not) I could come up with.  Invent your favorite and insert it there.  It will doubtlessly be better than whatever I would invent.

Traffic is still steady and strong at Futurewave on day three, which is lovely.  I like short events, and I think that for a non-charity event one week is a perfect time frame for something like this.   Bloggers continue to add photo after photo to our flickr pool, and several folks have started taking up Sonya’s blogger challenge (which you’re all welcome to get in on, I might add.)  As always, I’ve received many compliments from the merchants on the efforts of Team Bunny.  The blogging crew kick ass for every event we do and this is no exception.

Last night also continued our usual schedule at the Gothika Mobile Unit, and from all accounts some hilarity was had during Lokii’s set.  I did my set straight after that, and we had a nice group of people in wacky outfits and avatars hanging out and chatting. Much bleepery.  So futurepop.

Today, we have Sian Pearl’s Futurewave Dance party at 12:30, and Tuesday Pie at 8pm.

Mission control, signing out.


Futurewave Dance Party

futurewave dance party

The chances of stuff like this coming to Gothika were a million to one, they said (ah-ah)… the chances of this stuff coming to Gothika were a million to one BUT STILL IT CAME.

Oh yes, sian’s first inworld DJ set comes to Futurewave as a celebration of all things futuristic in the future of the past when the past was the future only it’s… you get the idea. Expect retrotronic grooves, sci-fi pop, and theme tunes to cheesy old TV shows whose futures are already in the past.

That’s 12.30pm SLT tomorrow, Tuesday 18th Feb 2014. Which is still the Future. BUT FOR HOW LONG?*

*about 29 hours at the time of writing