About Cursed Events

The folks behind World Goth Fair, A Clockwork Spiral, Gothmas by Gaslight and many others, Cursed Events has a track record of smoothly run, enjoyable events in Second Life.

Creatives all, the Cursed Events team is:

Axi “Bronxelf” Kurmin (NYC), our organisational guiding light, expert in all things goth, design, and project management;  She knows where all the bodies are buried and owns her own siege engine (IRL.  Seriously).;

Nephilaine Protagonist (USA), who, with Axi, forms one of the most prolific and enduring content creating partnerships in Second Life. Her creative guidance is indispensible, and she is cooler than your mum ever was;

Lokii “Pottamus” Violet (Flatlands Hell, USA), venue manager and builder, no-nonsense creator of absolute nonsense, along with beautiful and user-friendly event locales. She has an inordinate love/hate relationship with flamingos (apparently) and does not ever personally vajazzle. Often acts as slave to a tiny four-legged overlord of puppy magnitude far superior than any two-legger;

Sohma Dix, (USA) build assistant and decorator of chaos. She fills in all the details, often at the last minute.  Fear her awesome.;

Synjari Myriam, (USA),  CSS guru and all around web design goddess.  She’s the one responsible for web things.  Goodness knows the rest of us can’t do it. She fixes all the web stuff Axi breaks.;

Cruel Britannia (UK),  One of the world’s most recognizable goth DJs, co-creator of World Goth Day (it’s his fault, people.) and purveyor of graphic design, created grumpily but lovingly. ;

Pie Zipper (USA), modeling geek,  all around fixer of things that break and keeper of Cone Dog.  He can make that land impact number lower- just watch him. If you see zombies, blame him.;


Sonya Marmurek (Finland), our promotions chief and blogger-wrangler. She is the Blogging Bunny (she likes chipmunks and squirrels, but bunnies are IT), and is so good that she can do this job perfectly whilst rarely ever having to actually speak to anyone about anything.  It’s like magic, folks.



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